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Was discovered on February 22, 1907 by James Marshall Couch while prospecting for quicksilver on a fifty dollar grubstake for shares from R.W. Dallas and Tom Sanders. On July 30, 1907 mineralogy Professor George D. Louderback identified it as a ne…
An orphan, he apprenticed in his uncle's mercantile firm. As asuccessful businessman he was an early and forceful advocate ofindependence. He used hisknowledge and wealth to helpfinance the Revolution. From1774 until 1776 he held publicoffices. H…
Born in London, Peter came to Savannah in 1733. Orphaned, hewas apprenticed and rose tomaster in the carpentry tradeand leader of the artisans ofSavannah. His tavern was the site of many of the bannedmeetings that organizedresistance to and indep…
Robert Walker served with the Pa Militia and died at or near ValleyForge, Pa Jan 28, 1778 Fendall Whitworth joined Roebuck'sBattalion, SC Militia prior to King'sMountain and Cowpens. Later servedin the NC Militia. Captain John Venable fough…
1755 - 1841 Born in London, Isidore was educated in France. As a young volunteer he fought in India, returning to France in 1771. In the Battle of Savannah he carried orders, exposing himself to the deadly crossfire in front of the Spring Hill Re…
Site of home or Royal Governor Sir James Wright,Where, in 1776, By Authority of Councle of safety, Governor Wright was Arrested by Joseph Habersham.
One of two native Georgians who served as generals in the U.S. Army during the Civil War, John C. Fr?mont was born nearby on January 21, 1813. As an army officer, his 1840s explorations of the American West gained him fame as the "Pathfinder." Dur…
Associated with Savannah's maritime history and Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". Built in 1754. Visitors Welcome.
World War II Memorial Honoring all veterans ofChatham County who gavetheir lives to retain the freedomof the United States of Americaand saved the world from tyranny
Born in Pocotaligo, SC, Jonathan Bryan accompanied James Oglethorpe on his initial visit to Yamacraw Bluff in 1733. One of Georgia's largest landholders, Bryan was a supporter of evangelist George Whitefield and encouraged religious services for h…
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