A Romance with Nature: The Falling Garden

Towson, MD

Millsaps College

Jackson, MS

Pioneer Oil Refinery

Santa Clarita, CA

Marker of the Week
Plaza of the Constitution

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Plaza de la Constitucion Aunque su nombre oficial es "Plaza de la Constitucion", se conoce popularmente como de Armas pues los vecinos se preparaban aqui para luchar contra los indigenas. Al centro cuenta con un quiosco franc… more »

Marker of the Day

Chandlerville, IL

Founded 1832 by Dr. Charles Chandler of Rhode Island.… more »

Marker of the Moment
Raleigh Cemetery

Memphis, TN

Here are buried some members of the generation that settled Shelby County. The County Court had been formed less than five years when, in 1824, Raleigh was surveyed as the place to which courts would be moved because of its central location… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Historical marker to honor Washburn in Clinton
September 25th 2018 2:37AM

A state historical marker in Vermillion County will be dedicated Oct. 6 as part of a two-part program to honor Henry Dana Washburn, a Civil War soldier ...

One of the first to sign up in early 1960s, Peace Corps volunteer from Minnesota dedicates new ...
September 25th 2018 1:18AM

He and other former volunteers recently gathered in Plainview, Minn., to dedicate a historical marker to the four Plainview residents who joined the first ...

Markers focus on historical events
September 24th 2018 9:33PM

The first historical marker the group worked to get placed recognized the first DEKALB hybrid corn breeding plot. “It was used by Tom Roberts Sr. and ...

Marker highlights company's history
September 24th 2018 9:33PM

DEKALB, Ill. — A new historical marker at the former headquarters of DEKALB Genetics Corp. highlights the work that developed the idea of hybrid ...

One of the first to sign up, Peace Corps volunteer from Eagan dedicates new historical marker
September 24th 2018 9:00PM

The toughest job you'll ever love. It was a Peace Corps slogan in 1961 and it became truth for Ken Fliés of Eagan who was one of the first to sign up.