Airborne Forces Memorial Bridge

Stevens Point, WI

Needs/Williams Building

Eureka, CA

Joaquin Miller's Abbey

Oakland, CA

Marker of the Week
The Old Spanish Trail

Littlefield, AZ

The Old Spanish Trail, the main trade route between Santa Fe and Los Angeles, passed this way beginning in 1829. At the end of the Mexican-American War this portion of the route evolved into what was variously known as the Salt Lake Road, t… more »

Marker of the Day
Densmore Tank Cars

Titusville, PA

The first functional railway oil tank car was invented and constructed in 1865 by James and Amos Densmore at nearby Miller Farm along Oil Creek. It consisted of two wooden tanks placed on a flat railway car; each tank held 40-45 barrels of … more »

Marker of the Moment
Bluefield State College

Bluefield, WV

Established, 1895, by WV Legislature as Bluefield Colored Institute; 1929 became Bluefield State Teachers College. Renamed in 1943, Bluefield State College has continued providing quality higher education for all citizens of the area.… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Historical Marker Dedicated to Rabbit's Ferry Community Center
December 14th 2018 9:00PM

(LEWES, Del.) - The Historical Markers Program started in 1931 and since then about 670 markers have been dedicated to historical sites across ...

Dallas' lynching memorial should not be overshadowed by its vulgar Confederate monument
December 14th 2018 6:45PM

An EJI spokesperson said via email that coalitions who show an interest now in participating in its Community Remembrance Historical Marker Project ...

HONORING JUDGE HORTON: Bill to rename post office clears Senate
December 14th 2018 12:33PM

In 2013, the Scottsboro Boys were formally pardoned under Alabama law. A life-size statue of Horton and a historical marker were erected in October ...

House of the Week: Historic 1840 Dulles Inn in Auburn
December 14th 2018 10:52AM

... to the National Registry of historic places, has a New York State Historical Marker, and was granted City of Auburn Local Historic Landmark status.

Plymouth 400 and Orleans: There's a connection
December 14th 2018 9:00AM

An historical marker commemorating this visit can be seen at the end of Snow's Shore Road. As we near the Plymouth 400 commemoration, the ...