Packer Mansion

Jim Thorpe, PA

Williamsburg Confederate Monument

Williamsburg, VA

Ralph Elwood Brock

Mont Alto, PA

Marker of the Week
13th Iowa Infantry

Shiloh, TN

U.S. 13th Iowa Infantry, Hares (1st) Brig., McClernands (1st) Div., Army of the Tennessee. This regiment, while moving from its position near Cavalry Field, became engaged here at about 4.30 p.m. April 6, 1862. It retired in good order … more »

Marker of the Day
Old Spanish Quarries

St-Augustine, FL

Marker Front: About 200 yards south-east of this point are the remains of the Kings Coquina Quarries. (Coquina, a type of limestone composed of mollusk shells and sand, is found along the north-east coast of Florida.) Coquina was used in … more »

Marker of the Moment
Fanthorp Inn

Anderson, TX

Built in 1834 by Henry Fanthorp as a home for his bride, Rachel Kennard. Enlarged for hotel purpose. Served as first mercantile establishment and first post office (1835) in the region. Here Kenneth Lewis Anderson, Vice-President of the Rep… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
November 11th 2018 3:33PM

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Pair envisions 1898 home's revival
November 11th 2018 9:33AM

An inaccurate back story about the house's origins was described on a historical marker that stood on the front lawn for many years and became part ...

Top secret 'Ghost Army' of artist-soldiers fooled Hitler's troops. One of its last members is living ...
November 11th 2018 8:05AM

The historical marker tells the tale of one of the longest and most important operations. In the U.S., legislation was introduced earlier this year to award ...

Millfair Road construction crew earns high praise: Letters to the editor
November 11th 2018 8:03AM

Now the city will tear down the McBride Viaduct, obliterating a historical marker and much of its Irish history. Will the demolition create the imperative of ...

Man killed in Thousand Oaks nightclub shooting had deep roots in Oregon
November 10th 2018 6:44AM

An Oregon Historical Marker sign just east of North Plains on Highway 26 carries a family namesake. Joseph L. Meek was an Oregon pioneer and the ...