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On this site stood in Colonial days March 29, 1734 the public store, the first store of the English colonists
Chartered May, 1922has continuously served this Community,Nation and the Free World throughLions International.This flagpole is erected as a symbol of our great love and respect for the flags of our State and Nationand to honor all who served in t…
The armed schooner "Liberty", the first American Naval vessel officially commissioned early in July 1775 by a Provincial Congress, sailed from this port. She was commanded by Oliver Bowen and Joseph Habersham and carried ten carriage guns and fift…
Has erected this fountain on the high bluff of the Savannah River as a tribute to maritime Savannah and to the ships, both merchant and naval, that have proudly carried its name to the world around.
( Compass ?↑ Emblem ) On February 12, 1733 Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe Landed On This Spot
Entered on the National Register of Historic Places June 7, 1974 Federal Building U.S. Courthouse Wright Square Postal Station Savannah, Georgia Jeremiah O'Rourke Architect 1899 This Property Significantly Contributes To TheNation's Cultural H…
In this house designed by the Architect William Jay in early 1800 Marquis De Lafayette was the guest of the City of Savannah March 19-21, 1825. A friend of Washington and a defender of American liberty " Until now,sir, you have only seen …
During the Civil War, the Savannah River Squadron protected the City of Savannah from Union attack by river. The squadron usually consisted of small coastal and river steamers. In November 1861, the British-built blockade-runner Fingal arrived in…
The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 brought years of festering political differences between Southern and Northern states to a head. In mid-January 1861 Georgia delegates voted to secede from the Union. The April 1861 bombardment and surrender…
Has been designated a NationalHistoric LandmarkThis site possesses National significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1976 National Park ServiceUnited States Department of the Interior
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