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Class of 1897, United States Naval Academy USS Oregon, Battle of Santiago, 3 July 1898 Chief, Bureau of Ordnance, 1927-1931 Commander, Destroyers, Scouting Force, 1931-1933 Chief, Bureau of Navigation, 1933-1935 Vice Admiral, Commanding Battl…
Dahlgren Rifle 30-Pounder, invented by Rear Admiral Dahlgren used by the Federal Navy during the Civil War A forerunner of the big naval gun of today
Annapolis' Sister City of Wexford, Ireland, was the boyhood home of John Barry, naval hero of the American Revolution. Barry went to sea as a young boy and advanced to be master of his own vessel. he settled in America and in 1776 joined the fledg…
[Top plaque:] Commission Number One United States Navy February 22, 1797: At the Presidential Mansion in Philadelphia, President George Washington formally presented Irish-born John Barry with Commission Number One in the newly formed Unit…
Presented to the United States Naval Academy by the Members of the Class of 1950 Initially on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary - April 1980 Updated yard/campus changes at their 50th Anniversary - April 2000 Updated for gate relocat…
Greg Harlin's magnificent historical painting honors the maritime and military heritage of Annapolis and it's significant role in our modern day liberties. The artwork features one of American history's legendary frigates, the Ranger commanded by …
Joe Hunt transferred to the Navy Academy after having already won an intercollegiate national title in doubles (1938) while attending USC. A member of the U.S. Davis Cup team in 1939, Hunt won the intercollegiate national title in singles in 1941 …
Spanish Gun captured by U.S. Navy from Mexican Forces in California in 1847.
Design The black and gold design on the flag is the coat of arms from the Calvert line. It was granted to George Calvert as a reward for his storming a fortification during a battle. The red and white sides of the cross alternating. Since Georg…
Preble Hall dedicated to Commodore Edward Preble, USN 1761-1807 Educator of Naval leaders and Commander of our squadron before Tripoli, 1803-04.
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