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Eminent American baritone, composer, and arranger, was born 3 blocks north in 1866. He arranged "Deep River" and other spirituals, and set to music poems by Walt Whitman. Was a student and associate of Dvorak. He died in 1949.
Two forts stood four blocks north. French fort, built by Marin, 1753, abandoned 1759. British fort, built by Colonel Bouquet, 1760, and captured 1763 by Pontiac's Indians. The French Road to Fort Le Boeuf began there.
The first lighthouse to shine on the Great Lakes. Created to aid navigation and promote shipping, the original 20-ft. beacon (1818) and the subsequent brick tower (1858) were built upon unstable soil. The sandstone tower (1867) was the 3rd built h…
Formed March 12, 1800 from Allegheny County. Named for Lake Erie, which took its own name from the Erie Indians. Erie, the county seat, was laid out 1795; made a city in 1851. Ships of Perry's fleet which won the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie were buil…
World War II hero. Cochran distinguished himself as a daring pilot commanding P-40 fighter planes in North Africa and as the colorful leader of the 1st Air Commandos during the invasion of Burma. He became a colonel at the age of 33 and earned suc…
Erected as a residence for the cashier of a branch of the United States Bank of Pennsylvania, which occupied the adjacent building. Completed 1839.
Last in command of the U.S.S. Wolverine formerly the U.S.S. Michigan the first iron-hulled battleship (1843-1949). Under his direction, the Pennsylvania Naval Militia in 1910 used the ship as its training base and on April 10, 1917, marched to …
One of the world's foremost authorities on Antarctica, he was honored internationally for his work as scientist, explorer, inventor, geographer, diplomat, and author. An Eagle Scout and NIAGARA Sea Scout from Erie, Siple was selected from all US B…
The State's only lake port, bought with Erie Triangle, 1792. Laid out in 1795 by Ellicott and Irvine. Site of French, British and U.S. forts. Perry built his fleet here in 1813.
In 1795 Andrew Ellicott and General William Irvine commissioned by the State, arrived in the area to survey and lay out "a town to be called Erie." Using the southeast corner of the old French fort at the foot of Parade Street as a starting point …
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