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This landscape made famous by Hudson River School painter Frederick F. Church 1826-1900 Protected by The Scenic Hudson Land Trust With funding from the Lila Acheson & Dewitt Wallace Fund for the Hudson Highlands
Site Of Signal Fires War Of The Revolution
Catholic Negro layman member of Old St. Peter's parish for 66 years revered for his exemplary life and many works of Charity - This tablet affixed June 29 1953 by the John Boyle OReilly Committee for Interracial Justice
Deo Magno Aeterno Sacr Honori Sancti Petri Apostoli Patroni coelestis Religionis avitae cvltores Templvm vetvstate dilapsvm in ampliorem formam Opere et cultv splendidiore Restitvervnt An MDCCCXXXIX
In Memory of Thomas Dongan Born 1634   Died 1715 Earl of Limerick General in the armies of England and France Irish patriot and devoted Catholic Governor of New York 1683-1688 ——- Father of the first representative Assembly and t…
St. Peter's Free School First Catholic School in New York Started by St. Peter's Parish 1800 Erected by the Office of Superintendent of Schools Archdiocese of New York January 30, 2000
Majors Job Sumner and John Lucas 1756-1789 Revolutionary War Soldiers of the Continental Army Major Sumner, Massachusetts Regiment, and Major Lucas, Georgia Regiment, both died at the age of 33 and are buried together. Their epitaph reads in pa…
George I. Eacker 1775-1804 Fatally shot Philip Hamilton (son of Alexander Hamilton) in a duel In 1801, Eacker gave a speech critical of Alexander Hamilton which angered Hamilton's 19-year-old son Philip. The young Hamilton defended his father a…
In memory of Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seaton Born New York City Aug. 28, 1774 Died Emmitsburg, MD, Jan. 4, 1821 Made profession of faith and received for the first time the sacraments of the Catholic Church in Old St. Peter's 1805 and 1806 Fo…
Standing Against All Odds St. Paul's Chapel has withstood adversity throughout its many years. On September 21, 1776, ten years after the Chapel opened, a raging fire swept through Lower Manhattan, destroying a quarter of the city, including Trin…
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