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The Lincoln Park Historic District , which is located in the northeast section of Rocky Mount, was constructed from 1948 through 1953 featuring single family housing, one restaurant, and motel. The restaurant and motel was owned by Clarence E. Pit…
Commander of the famous Confederate cruiser, "Shenandoah," lived in a house which stands 3 blocks west.
Slave poet. His The Hope of Liberty (1829) was first book by a black author in South. Lived on farm 2 mi. SE.
Built 1846 on Hillsboro Street near Salsbury Street, moved to this location and renovated in 1969 by the Chatham County Historical Association, Inc. Gift of Henry and Laura Blair
Our Confederate HeroesC.S.A — 1861-1865 We care not whence they came. Dear in their lifeless clay, Whether unknown or known to fame, Their cause and country still the same, They died and wore the gray. This Monument is the gift o…
Constructed in 1923 by Robert L. Strowd, replacing an earlier building owned by Adele Tankersley. James L. Sutton and J. L. Alderman opened Sutton's Drugstore here in 1923. Robert Foister operated a photography store in this building next to Sutto…
Playwright, teacher, & humanitarian. Awarded Pulitzer Prize, 1927. His 16 outdoor dramas include The Lost Colony (1937). Lived 1 mile E.
Chapel Hill's first bakery, Hill Bakery, moved to this space in 1920. In 1946, Thell Jernigan bought the bakery, renaming it Thell's Bakery, and James H. Davis bought the University Florist in the Pick Theatre Building next door. This building was…
David Fanning and his Tories captured many Whig leaders here at Old Chatham Courthouse, July, 1781. Department of Conservation and Development 1939
U.S. President, 1845-49. Born nearby in house no longer standing. Land & reconstructed buildings now State Historic Site.
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