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Used to take Del. Bay and River Pilots from pilot boat Philadelphia and pilot boat Delaware to and from ships in Del. Bay before World War II Rowed by 4 apprentice pilots Built by Dave Watson Lewes Master Small Boat Builder Motor…
Theodore C. Freeman was born in Haverford, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1930. When he was fifteen months old, Ted's family moved to Lewes, Delaware. As Ted grew up, aviation became his passion. On his 16th birthday, Ted earned his pilot's lice…
Organized on July 18, 1781, the "Baptist Church at Mount Moriah" also called Cow Marsh Baptist Church, is the fourth Primitive Baptist congregation formally constituted in Delaware. For many years members met in area homes. In 1793, Job Meredith c…
Gov. George Truitt Home Circa 1750 National Register of Historic Places
In honor of those who made the supreme sacrifice and of those who served in World Wars I and II. They have fought, "to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy."
This house is an excellent example of Sussex County architecture circa 1730. It was moved to its present site in 1980 to help celebrate Lewes' 350th anniversary in 1980.
University of Delaware The University of Delaware (UD) has been involved with marine research since 1950, when a group of local fishermen became alarmed by drastic decline in Delaware Bay fisheries approached the Delaware General Assembly for h…
The University of Delaware's 2-megawatt wind turbine generates clean power and represents an important contribution to renewable energy development in the United States. Clean Energy Using wind power reduces our use of fossil fuels, which ca…
c.1800. Contains hand-hewn timbers, cypress shingles, fine stairway, interior and exterior moulding. Cellar walls are made of sailing-ship ballast stones and brick. Moved & restored in 1962 by the Lewes Historical Society.
Late 18th century house which replaces original wing burnt in 1922. Donated by the Town of Milton in 1965. Moved and restored by the Lewes Historical Society.
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