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Dr. Sparrell W. Woody, pioneer rancher, settled in this area in 1862. In 1894 quartz gold was discovered on Blue Mountain. Copper was discovered in 1891 by Joseph Weringer who operated both the Greenback Copper Mine and the Weringdale Hotel. The t…
Joseph Weringer, Sr., Born 1855 In Vienna, established the "Weringer Brewery and Bowling Alley" in Bakersfield in 1881. In 1889 he moved here and established the original townsite of Woody, named after pioneer rancher Sparrel Woody. Rena…
William Lynn completed his Bull Road past this site from Linn's Valley across Greenhorn Mountain to Keyesville in 1856. This freight route was used until the opening of the McFarlane Toll Road through Glennville en route to the Kern River Mines in…