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(logo of ship) USS Texas (CGN 39) The USS Texas (CGN 39) was built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drtdock Company and was commissioned September 10, 1977 The ship had an overall length of 585' with an extreme beam of 63'. A crew of 575 …
[Front]Dedicated to the memory of allveterans of the Armed Forces ofthe United States of America, whounselfishly served their countryin time of peace or war. It isbecause of this effort that weenjoy the freedom that isours today. Dedicated June…
Built at the Lima Locomotive WorksLima, Ohiofor Tioga Lumber CompanyNicholas County, West Virginia Purchased by the Auglaize TownshipHistorical Society in 1996
This caboose spent most of its working years in Lima and northwest Ohio and was renovated by the Auglaize Township Historical Society in 1994
Following the American Revolution, the British Crown sought to retain possession of the Ohio Country by sending chief British Indian Agent Alexander McKee and others to establish trading posts with Native Americans and resist American settlement. …