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Northeast Mississippi's upholstered furniture industry began here in 1948. Founded by Morris Furtorian, a Russian immigrant from Chicago, the Stratford Company utilized assembly line methods developed by the automotive industry, an innovation that…
Organized in 1890 was the Baptist Church of Christ at the Valley during pastorate of W.P. Hutchinson. Renamed Glenfield Baptist Church in 1908. Moved to this site under Dr. Percy Ray in 1941. Sanctuary built in 1964; partially destroyed by tornado…
Front The down-home gospel sounds of renowned Union County musicians Elder Roma Wilson (b. 1910) and Rev. Leon Pinson (1919-1998) won them many admirers among blues and folk music audiences, although they were evangelists rather than blues arti…
Union County was established on July, 7, 1870, during the post—Civil War Reconstruction era, from portions of Tippah, Lee, and Ponotoc counties. Governor James L. Alcorn appointed Union County's first officials and set New Albany as the coun…
Front Although the African American community of New Albany has been small in number, it has produced many citizens of distinction. In the fields of blues, rhythm & blues, and gospel music, the names of Sam Mosley, Bob Johnson, Billy Ball, the…
Home ½ mi. SE. Last Chickasaw King, giving name to King's Creek & King's Ford Rd (this highway). Authorized Monroe Mission; signed Pontotoc Creek Treaty, 1832, & led party to Indian Territory, where he died, 1840.
Here, September 25, 1897, distinguished author, member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and recipient of the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature.
The Union County Seat since 1870, New Albany was established ca, 1840 after Moses Collins built a grist mill and saw mill on the banks of the Tallahatchie River. First surveyed in 1840 by Ira M. Kemp, New Albany was incorporated in 1850. Located o…