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A mile south on the Mattapony River is the site of Newington, birthplace of Carter Braxton, (born September 10, 1736), signer of the Declaration of Independence. In earlier times, Colonel Jacob Lumpkin, supporter of Governor Berkeley in Bacon's Re…
Late in the afternoon of February 3, 1945 two groups of the flying column of the 1st Cavalry Division, including the attached 44th Tank Battalion, entered Manila, with the first group taking possession of Malacanang Palaca and the second group lib…
On this site, Cuartel de la Artilleria de Montana was built by Thomas Sanz, Engineer of the army during the Administration of Governor General Jose Basco y Vargas, 1781. Used as barracks by The Philippine Constabulary, 1901. Became The Philippine …
To the Confederate soldiersand sailors of King and QueenCounty Virginia 1861-1865 Fate denied them victory but gaveThem the love and veneration ofTheir native land. The wonderAnd admiration of the world.