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Erected in 1812 for many years a flourishing classical and mathematical school stood on a site in the rear of this house the first president of the Board of Trustees was John Forsythe the first secretary was Dr. William Darlington. In 1869 this sc…
This Property has been placed on the NATIONAL REGISTER of HISTORIC PLACES by the United States Department of the Interior
This Structure Has Been recorded by the HISTORIC AMERICAN BUILDINGS SURVEY of the United States Department of the Interior for its Archives at the Library of Congress
Site of First Schoolhouse in West Chester (Turk's Head), built of logs, 1760. Used as a hospital for American wounded after the Battle of Brandywine, Sept, 1777. Some soldiers died and were buried here in the schoolyard.
Simon Barnard Row 104-116 East Washington Street 227 North Walnut Street These Row Houses were constructed about 1856 by Simon Barnard, local businessman, builder, realtor and Political Activist who was an advocate of the Anti-Slavery cause. …
This "Hall and Parlor" style house has a kitchen (Hall) and a living room (Parlor) on the first floor and two bedrooms upstairs. There are two angled fireplaces in the center-of the front wall similar to "Penn Plan" houses. It …
The Goshenville Blacksmith Shop is in its original location and was the center of village life for nearly 200 years. It has a working forge and a display of an early l800's Conestoga farm Wagon along with a collection of historic tools. The adjoin…
From this spot July 26, 1826 Marquis De Lafayette Viewed the troops escorting him from a visit to the Brandywine Battle-Field
Site of the Star TavernCirca 1784 1784-1839Traveller's RestDrover's Tavern & LumberyardImla Bennett Owner 1839-1844William Mercer Operated Tavern,Possible Underground Railroad Stop 1844 Tavern Closes 1906 Burned, Rebuilt by George Veit…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places