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Area Catholics held religious services in their homes beginning in the mid-1920s until a donation of money and two lots here in 1938 enabled the congregation to construct this modestly detailed structure known as Christ the King Catholic Church. A…
Formed from Tom Green County created February 26, 1887 organized March 29, 1892 Named in honor of Thomas William Ward 1807-1872 At the storming of Bexar December, 1835 Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1841-1848 United States …
Built by three Protestant groups, 1910. First church building in town founded 1897. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark—1966
Built 1896 by promoters of irrigated farming. Community Center. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark—1966
In these shifting seas of sand, rich in stone evidences of primitive men, today's visitors find flint points, sandstone metates and manos of peoples who were here as early as 10,000 years ago and late as the 1870s. Bones of great mammoths and giga…
One of the longest stage routes ever established, the Southern Overland Mail Line (Butterfield Route) which provided semi-weekly service St. Louis to San Francisco, 1858-1861. Followed substantially the route of this highway through Ward County.
Vicinity of Early Public LibraryThe Republic of Texas set a cultural example by legislation for a state library in 1839. In 1874 cities were authorized to establish public libraries, but most were privately financed. A library near here about 1…
Site of First Ward County CourthouseA three-story red sandstone courthouse with a domed cupola was constructed here in 1893, one year after Barstow was elected first Ward County seat. The first elected officials to serve in the courthouse were R.D…
C.E. Pierce, an early advocate of irrigated agricultural lands for the Pecos River valley, had this building constructed in 1901 to house Ward County's first bank. Never incorporated, the bank lost money due to area crop failures and closed in 190…
In remembrance of those who served in the381st Bomb Group (H) B17and432nd Air Service GroupAAF Station 167Ridgewell, Essex, EnglandActivated 1 January 1943Deactivated 26 August 1945 Flight Squadrons532nd·533rd·534th·535th38…