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The W. Pearl King Prairie Savanna is a mostly undisturbed remnant of the once expansive Darby Plains Prairies. Prior to European settlement more than two centuries ago, the Darby Plains covered an area of more than 380 square miles west of Columbu…
The Molly Caren Agricultural Center was originally a Virginia Military Land Grant of 7,000 acres conveyed by President Thomas Jefferson. It became Gwynne property in 1813, passing successively from Thomas and David Gwynne to Eli, Baldwin, Edmi…
The Red Brick Tavern is a classic roadside inn and tavern from the heyday of the National Road. Constructed between 1836 and 1837, it was in operation when the road was completed in front of the building. Brick used in the building was made from …
Old Glory I am the Star Spangled Banner conceived in 1777 out of the love America had for Liberty and Honor. I am the memorial of countless heroes who shed their blood to preserve this sacred heritage. I have inspired generations of gallant…
Dedicated to the memory of the Four Chaplains Rev. George Fox Father John Washington Rabbi Alexander Goode Rev. Clark Poling while serving on the U.S.S. Dorchester during WWII gave their lives that their comrades might live "Greater l…
(logo) Cross in circle dedicated in memory of all Veterans by the Frend Miller Family 1969
Pike Township Veterans Memorial in memory of Louis A. Guy March 2006
Dedicated by the Citizens of Londonto the Glory of God and to all thoseof Madison who served inthe World War 1914-1918 [Roll of Honor] The names and deeds of those who rendered service in defense of the American ideals of liberty and democra…
In commemoration ofthe first white settlersof Madison County,the first of whom wasJonathan Alder1795 - 1815
In recognition of the patriotism of the people of Madison County who oversubscribed their War Saving Quota in 1918 this tablet is gratefully erected by the Ohio War Savings Committee