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This structure was built in 1832 as an office for the Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Canal Company. Between 1829 and 1898, the D&H gravity railroad carried coal from mines to markets, and passengers from Carbondale to other communities. In 1858, a stone …
KIA [Killed in Action] Robert H Stump · Joseph Widdick [Honor Roll of Veterans]
Formed from the merger of St. Mary's Hungarian Magyar · Founded 1895 St. John the Baptist Slovak · Founded 1905 St. Anthony of Padua Polish · Founded 1909 St. Bridget's Territorial · Founded 1916 Dedicate…
Erected in honor of the members of St. John's Parish who made the supreme sacrifice and who served in World Wars I and II
In gratitude to the men & women of Blessed Sacrament Parish who faithfully served our country especially those who made the supreme sacrifice Ora Pro Eis St. Anthony of Padua Parish St. Bridget Parish St. John the Baptist Parish St. Mar…
In grateful tribute to the men and women of this community who served in World Wars That They Shall Not Have Died In Vain World War One Herbert Clark · Joseph M. Chorba · John A. Gombar Peter Telesha · Michael T…
Named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Throop [List of Burgesses] John Sykes 1894 · Charles F. Beatty 1894 · 1896 Patrick Corr 1897 · 1899 John L. Evans 1900 · 1902 William Sonn 1903 · 1905 George Ri…
In memory of our boys who gave their lives for freedom 1916 World War I 1918 Peter Telesha · Clemence Karchaskus George Phillips ——————————————&mda…
This ten inch shell and bronze port cover recovered from the wreck of The Battleship Maine after having been submerged fourteen years in the waters of Havana harbor are here mounted as a memorial to the brave officers and seamen who lost t…
Dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans who fought and died during an unpopular war, God will be with them always because they came, they fought, they died, but they did not run.
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