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Gen. James Appleton born Feb 14, 1783 died Aug 25, 1863. A Patriot, a Philanthropist and a Christian. He served his County, his Fellow men and his God by laboring for the emancipation of the American Slave.
The Brig Falconer was wrecked on Ipswich Beach December 17, 1847. Seventeen of the passengers and crew were lost. Twelve lie buried here in one common grave. Thomas Shaw, and his wife · Julia Laskin · Margaret Hennesy ·…
At 1:37 PM on June 25th, 1914, Box 48 was pulled for a fire in the Korn Leather Factory on this site at number 57 Boston Street in an area known as Blubber Hollow, followed at 1:41 PM by a general alarm. This was the start of the Great Salem Fi…
Dedicated to the citizens of Essex County who served in the United States Armed Forces The Revere Bell 1801
A memorial to the boys of the Immaculate Conception Parish who served their country in the World War
Home for aged women given by Robert Brookhouse 1861 This house was built about 1811 for Benjamin W. Crowninshield, 1772-1851, member of Congress and Secretary of the Navy under Madison and Monroe. Here was born William Crowninshield Endicott, 182…
In commemoration of the enterprise and resolute spirit with which Salem arose from her ashes looked calamity in the face and rebuilt her walls on this spot in the pathway of the great fire of June 25, 1914. Which swept from the west to the water's…
There are three sides of inscription: Time will not dim the glory of their deeds Then a panel that says Erected by Laurier Associates and dedicated to the 2105 volunteers of St. Joseph Parish
Roll of honor 1917-1918 Then two rows of names World War I Donated by the city of Salem Rededicated by Mayor Anthony V. Salvo November 11, 1986
In honor of the men and women of Ward Six who served in World War II and dedicated to those who made the supreme sacrifice to God and country Their memory perpetuated by the McDonaugh Square Associates 1941-1945 Reverse side of memorial, 2 row…
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