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This is the 16,000 pound anchor off the bow of the nuclear powered guided missile cruiser USS Arkansas, CGN-41. This anchor was placed here in grateful memory of those who served aboard her. Four ships of the United States Navy and one of the Conf…
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The Battle of Jonesboro took place at the Craighead County Court House in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on August 2, 1862. Company I, 30th Arkansas Infantry of the Fifth Trans-Mississippi Confederate army, under the command of Captain Mitchel A. Adair, def…
The site of Jonesboro was laid off as the county seat of Craighead County in 1859, and there was erected soon afterwards the first court house in the county.
The last Confederate veteran living in Arkansas, William Murphy Loudermilk, is buried here in Keller's Chapel Cemetery. Private Loudermilk, who was born Oct. 17, 1847, joined a North Carolina regiment in the Army of Tennessee at age 16 and fought …
Several companies were raised in Craighead County for the Confederate army. Co. I of the 13th Arkansas Infantry - the "Confederate Grays" - formed in 1861. A company of the 23rd Arkansas Infantry and Co. I of the 30th Arkansas Infantry e…