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First N.C. cotton & corn demonstration supervised by a county agent held here on farm of J. F. Eagle, 1907-1908.
To Honor and Remember Those of Iredell County Who Gave Their Lives in World War II Jay Edgar Alley William F. Anthony, Jr. Thomas B. Arthur Herbert Richard Baker Herman Bostian Ballard Charles Stephen Beck William M. Beckham William Grier Belk…
In Memory of the Men of Iredell County Who Gave Their Lives in the World War Clarence Alvin Arthurs James Garland Ayers Donnie Bicle Bess Samuel Burette Blackwelder Clint Brown Demps Brown Willie Cash William I. Castles Horace Bryan Connelly Ki…
In Perpetual Honor ofOur Veterans of Iredell CountyWho Honorably Served in the Armed Forces During TheKorean and Vietnam WarsKilled in Action KoreaBetty Jean AllisonDonald H. BarkerBernard Eugene BumgarnerJ.W. BrantonRobert William CarpenterRob…
In Memory of United Spanish American War Veterans1898 - 1902 Erected ByJohn M. Allison Camp No. 16andAuxillary Camp No. 13 Phillipine IslandsCubaPuerto RicoU.S.A.
(Preface):On March 24, 1865, Union Gen. George Stoneman led 6,000 cavalrymen from Tennessee into southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina to disrupt the Confederate supply line by destroying sections of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad,…
Presbyterian. Established ca. 1750; on this site by 1756. The Rev. James Hall first regular minister.
Dedicated by the Presbyterian church to the memory of the pioneers and to the soldiers of the Indian wars, the Revolution and the Confederacy who lie buried here. Built by the pioneers, this wall was reconstructed by the national government and…
Editor of Statesville "Landmark" (1890-92), Charlotte "Observer" (1892-1909). His home was two blocks north.
A school established about 1778 by the Rev. James Hall. Trained many prominent men. Closed about 1787. Was a few hundred yards E.