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This memorial is in honor of all firefighters. It was in Philadelphia, Pa. that Benjamin Franklin organized the first fire department in Dec. 1736, known as "The Bucket Brigade". ————————&mda…
Beloved savior of the Union Presented on his bicentennial February 12, 2009
Dedicated to those who served in all wars
This monument is erected to honor the memory of the countless thousands of miners and laborers who toiled in the near-by coal mines of Park Place and Bull's Head. Their courage at work and their devotion to their families have left a proud legacy…
Brooks mine was never a commercial operation, but large deposits of coal do exist inside. The 150 foot long mine was built as a model in 1902 by Reese Brooks when coal was king in the heating world. It is an example of how Scranton became the anth…
This stone rendition of the seal of Scranton Preparatory School was positioned above the main entrance of the original school building at Wyoming Avenue and Mulberry Street. When Prep moved to its present location in 1963, this seal was part of a…
American Locomotive Company's Cooke Works built #210 in 1923 for the Norwood & St. Lawrence Railroad. Throughout its active career, #210 pulled mixed trains (freight cars with baggage and passenger cars on the rear) across northern New York State.…
This monument is dedicated to the thousands of anthracite coal miners whose labor under inhuman working conditions served as an inspiration to people of the United States and to the world. The heroic contribution of the miners is unparalleled in t…
Killed in Action Raymond J. Armbruster · Oliver Brown John Edmund Burns · Edward Collins Manuel O. Golnick · Gilbert W. Harper Leon Kaplan · Henry I. Levy John E. McCormick · Richard Ortlieb Jer…
"This building was the site of Scranton Central High School from 1896 to 1991"