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The famous Indian Reserve Line of 1809 which began at the mouth of Big Raccoon Creek and ended on the Ohio boundary crossed this point.
First named New Dublin. Later called Strain's Mills before being named Mansfield during the 1830s.
In February, 1824, this site was chosen as the permanent seat of justice for Parke County. Eight men christened the town-to-be in honor of the ancient boulders found here.
1917? ? ? ? ? HONOR ROLL? ? ? ? ? 1919In commemoration of the patriotism of our boys who went forth at the call of their Country to serve in the World War and in memory of those who died that liberty might live. William Owen Isham, Adams &middo…
Pavilion was built 1913 by Edgar Jerome (1862-1942) of Rockville. He used wooden bridge building techniques in timber framing which supports entire structure. It was designed to seat 3,000 people under its roof. Repairs made 1976-1978 and 1992. Li…
Dedicatedto those who servedfor God and Countrythat the eternal verities,upon which this Nationis founded, might live Charles Ray ChaneyHobert DeckerRobert Lee DelpKeith HammonWilbert R. HarperRobert Dean HutsonJames A LawsonAddison McCrearyJoh…
For God and CountryThis votive tablet is dedicated to the honor of the men and women of Parke County, Indiana who answered the call of our Country in the Great World Wars, and especially to those who died that you and I might live; and to the Eter…
These men of valorgave up their livesfor their CountryJames Harley OverpeckJune 4, 1967Darrell Wayne CottrellMay 4, 1968
This Museum Building built in 1839 first used as a seminary; an armory during the Civil War, a school for negro children from 1873-1924, later a gas station, a restaurant, and gift shop.Purchased in 1975 by Parke Co. Historical Society.
This 1883 Railroad Depot serves as Parke County's Tourist Information Center. All covered bridge tours begin here. Indiana's Historic Parke CountyThe Covered Bridge Capital