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She played a significant role in the development and advancement of theory and practice of educating children with intellectual disabilities. Founded by Hare in 1913, the Woods Schools evolved into a nationally recognized center emphasizing the in…
A grave like any hole dug into the earth interrupts the natural layering of soil. For that reason, it can be distinguished as an anomaly—irregular in texture and color in comparison to undisturbed soil at that level. Although cross-section …
Bearing the inscription "1 M to N" (one mile to Newtown) this milestone is believed to have been placed before 1741. It is one of two such markers still located on the historical 43-mile road from Bristol to Durham Furnace. Newtown, an important s…
This tablet is erected in honor ofthese men and women who gave fulldevotion to their country duringthe World War 1917 - 1918 [Died in service]Francis FranklinJesse W. SobyRussell S. Tomlinson
Buried here are soldiers who died from wounds suffered in the two Battles of Trenton, Dec. 1776-Jan. 1777, and from disease incurred during the harsh winter. After the battles, Washington's troops occupied four hospital buildings in this village, …
Painter of The Peaceable Kingdom