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Belva A. Lockwood - alumna educator - first woman to practice law before U.S. Supreme Court - Presidential candidate 1884 and 1888
[west side] The Erie Canal served as a natural classroom for engineers and scholars. During planning and construction, engineers learned to overcome a variety of natural obstacles. After the canal opened, scholars and students learned from the lan…
Gas Port, formerly called James' Port, was the name suggested by George W. Clinton when he and a group of scientists came to this place on the canal where "considerable quantities of gas bubbled through thte water." On his return journey May 26, 1…
Known locally as Cobblehurst, this beautiful cobblestone building was built in 1836, and served as a Quaker Church until 1905. The adjacent Friends Cemetery has burials from 1822.
Built ca.1833 for Philo Newton, early settler, who was born in Vermont in 1797. This house is on the State and National Register of Historic Places.
Built ca.1843 for Harry Harrington early settler. Born in Vermont Hartland Town Justice until 1849 Accepted on the State and National Register of Historic Places
1917-1918 [eagle] 1941-1945 This memorial is erected by the citizens of the Town of Hartland in honor of its veterans of World War I and World War II and is dedicated to the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice World War I Charles D. H…
Settled in 1814 and known as Morehouse's Corners. The former hotel, school, blacksmith shop and stores served our early settlers
(Skeels burying ground) Grave of early settler Hiram Southwell (1807) is the earliest marked grave in Niagara County
Mabee, Warner, Failing, Ritchie, Otto continuous flour grist and saw mills — 1812 - 1965, upper and lower ponds.