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You are standing on the tract of land where Wootton's Mill once stood near Watts Branch stream. The gristmill was constructed and began operations in 1821. The saw and gristmill was powered by an overshot wheel, in which the weight of water conduc…
1817 Historic Saint Mary's Catholic Church and Cemetery Original cost: $4,000.00 Renovations: 1885   │   1929 1889   │   1981 No. 4
1873 Rockville Station Metropolitan Branch Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ──────────────────────── Fr…
The Pump House was built in 1897 under the guidance of Mayor Joseph Reading, the town druggist who was elected on the "Water Works Ticket." Known as "Rockville Electric Light and Water Works," it was an important step in the gr…
During the 1913-1914 holiday season, 28 cases of typhoid fever were reported in Rockville and three people died. The new U.S. Public Health Service investigated, and identified the town's water system as the problem. Contaminated ground water f…
Private in the MD Militia under Col. Henry Carberry in 1813, and in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 19, 1814. He fought at the Battle of North Point.
2nd Sergeant in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 10, 1814, and fought at the Battle of North Point.
Cadet West Point 1832-6; Lieutenant U.S. Army 1836-7; Professor of Mathematics U.S.N. 1841—99. Brigadier General U.S.V. 1861-5; Naval Academy 1845-61 and 1866-71. One of the founders of the Naval Academy, his life's best years were devot…
The development and use of this area was heavily influenced by the presence of two rail yard areas owned by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Western Maryland Railroad. Hood Street was named after John Mifflin Hood, a former Confederate army…
Many of the early settlers of Myersville were farmers of German and English descent who saw the area as a place to establish themselves and continue the farming traditions they brought with them. From this fertile wilderness they carved out far…
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