Center Ridge School

Taylorsville, MS

Eckley Miners' Village

Weatherly, PA

Baldwin Locomotive No. 601

Columbus, MS

Marker of the Week
Witness Tree

Snyder, TX

Across the street, 100 feet north of this site, is the stump of a hackberry used in early land surveys as a "witness" tree. By Texas custom (based on Spanish law), at least 2 objects were used to witness land boundaries, measured in varas, … more »

Marker of the Day
Cherokee Treaty

Marietta, GA

In 1808-1809, the Cherokee nation divided when some of its members decided to move west of the Mississippi River to pursue a hunter lifestyle where game was plentiful rather than live the more settled lifestyle prevalent in the east. A port… more »

Marker of the Moment
Salem School Bell

Lodi, CA

Salem School Bell1883 - 1938fromLodi's first schoolLocated at Lodi Ave. and Stockton St.… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Nance Farm
February 18th 2018 2:43AM

The historical marker for Nance Farm, preserved as a park in a De Soto subdivision.

Mississippi River
February 18th 2018 1:56AM

Mississippi River levee breeches in the Morganza area between 1780 and 1890 resulted in 15 major floods affecting Pointe Coupée Parish and all those to the south as far as the Gulf of Mexico. (A historical marker located in Morganza in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.)

Atchafalaya River
February 18th 2018 1:23AM

A historical marker located in Krotz Springs in Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana.)

Historic Orange Park school to be recognized Monday
February 17th 2018 11:03PM

That should change at 10 a.m. Monday at Orange Park Town Hall, 2042 Park Ave. when the Town Council dedicates a historical marker recognizing Orange Park Normal and Industrial School, its students, faculty and significance in Florida history. The marker will stand in a place of prominence.

Where heroes and kin used to tread
February 17th 2018 10:52PM

But nobody lives there now. A hundred meters from the former Chinese restaurant is Oceancell building which, a historical marker says, used to be the house where Rizal's mother, Teodora, died. Another abandoned villa greeted us on 843 Urbiztondo Street: the birthplace of Gen. Antonio Luna, the fiery ...