Washington's Route from Princeton to Morristown

Bernardsville, NJ

Hunt's Church

Towson, MD

Mercy Hospital

Philadelphia, PA

Marker of the Week
Veterans Memorial Building

Berkeley, CA

In the early 1920s Alameda County voters approved a special tax to construct buildings that would honor war veterans and provide a meeting place for their organizations. The City of Berkeley contributed the land for this building. Designed … more »

Marker of the Day

Wall-Township, NJ

The Mill Pond, fed by the stream named Mill Run, was built to hold water which served as a source of power for Allaires Mill located along the stream bank, below this dam was a grist mill and a screw factory - both operated by water power.… more »

Marker of the Moment
Swift's Silver Camp

Campton, KY

John Swift's fabulous journals report silver operations in East Kentucky. References to ships on the Spanish Seas and to coinage of silver in this area with six trips from Atlantic Coast to this region, 1761 to 1769, is unsolved mystery. In… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Texas Historical Commission Historical Marker Workshop in Jasper
July 27th 2017 3:14AM

White, James 07/26/2017 (Austin, TX) - The Texas Historical Commission is hosting a historical marker workshop in Jasper on August 11th.

Florence officially listed to national historical registry
July 27th 2017 2:03AM

A historical marker on the outside of 100 W. Main St. in Florence shows a historical photo depicting a fire that one engulfed in the building. (Sarah ...

The graves of Bonnie and Clyde
July 27th 2017 2:03AM

Shown is the historical marker for the Stringtown shootout. ... During a visit to Stringtown in November, I came across a historical marker for the ...

Dennis Cassinelli: Johntown, Nevada's first ghost town
July 26th 2017 11:26PM

Near the junction where the truck route and the main highway from Silver City come together, there's a small historical marker that mentions Johntown.

White, James Member News Releases
July 26th 2017 9:40PM

The presentations will teach attendees how to research and apply for an Official Texas Historical Marker for their community. The workshop will ...