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Sam Powell and U.S. Court

Wagoner, OK

Ishmon Bracey

Jackson, MS

Peavey Electronics

Meridian, MS

Marker of the Week
The Rusch Home

Citrus-Heights, CA

The Rusch Home, built in 1916, is on the original site of the 480-acre Volle Ranch. Fred and Julia Volle came across the plains by covered wagon in 1853. Before settling in Citrus Heights, they owned a small place on L Street in Sacramen… more »

Marker of the Day
Veterans Memorial

Baxter-Springs, KS

To the loving memory of those men and women who gave their lives in all past wars and to all veterans who served our great country we dedicate this tank We thank you for your sacrifices This M-60 forty five ton Army tank was donated b… more »

Marker of the Moment
Engine House No. 3

Racine, WI

The BuildingThe City of Racine purchased the site in 1869 for $1,000, but deferred the actual construction of a new building for over a decade. After several unsuccessful bids for an engine house, Alderman Lucius Blake convinced the Common … more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Dedication Of Nunda Nys Newest Historical Marker mp3 Download
May 28th 2017 5:17PM

Dedication Of Nunda Nys Newest Historical Marker mp3. Bitrate: 192 Kbps File Size: 17.8 MB Song Duration: 12 min 58 sec Added to Favorite: 179.

House of Matilda Brooks
May 28th 2017 2:20PM

Long Description: The label on the marker explains why it's in the museum: Historical Marker which was on the Brooks House when it was destroyed ...

Dade Pyramids have been at St. Augustine National Cemetery since 1842
May 28th 2017 8:10AM

... describes their history and details the process that culminated in the 2001 placement of a Florida historical marker that stands nearby today.

Aberfan - Wales.
May 28th 2017 8:05AM

Aberfan: Historical marker with a you are here map. Aberfan is a former coalmining village in South Wales. On 21 October 1966, it became known for ...

Pearl, MS
May 28th 2017 6:52AM

Pearl Mantels Celeste Fireplace Mantel Shelf - The Pearl Mantels Celeste Fireplace Mantel Shelf is a delightful addition to any room whether you use ...