Cassandra Wilson

Jackson, MS

Ranchos Los Alamitos - Los Cerritos - Los Coyotes

Long Beach, CA

Mt. Hope United Presbyterian Church

Claysville, PA

Marker of the Week
Fashion Shop Historical

Novato, CA

Stephen Porcellas Fashion Shop - a blacksmith shop and iron works - was built circa 1893. This business was named the "Fashion Shop" because Porcella would "fashion a tool to suit the customer." Pprcella made and repaired iron equipment,… more »

Marker of the Day
Manchester NH General Pulaski Monument Historical

Manchester, NH

Main inscription Brigadier General Kasimir Pulaski Born 1748 Died 1779 Marshall General of Poland Front Charleston · Savannah · Germantown Side Script Father of American Cavalry · Chief of Dragoons · Continent… more »

Marker of the Moment
Earleton, Florida

Prague, FL

(Front text) Earleton is named for General Elias B. Earle (1821-1893) who received government land grants in Florida for his service in the U.S./Mexican War (1846-48). Born into a prominent South Carolina family, Gen. Earle fought in the Pa… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Improvements in progress at Enid High observatory
October 21st 2017 10:30AM

"I think the historical marker designation of the EHS observatory raises the level of its significance," he said. "People for decades to come will be able ...

Kevin L. Bishop in Cleveland Ward 2: endorsement editorial
October 21st 2017 9:56AM

Louis Stokes, look at the historical marker dedicated to Carl B. Stokes after its 2015 unveiling at the intersection of East 147th Street and Kinsman ...

Friars Creek Water Fall
October 21st 2017 8:11AM

A guide to photography at Friars Creek Water Fall. Share your photos, and discuss the best spots. ShotHotspot maps millions of photographic ...

It's the great pumpkin Rover!
October 21st 2017 7:52AM

A: Rover called and talked to developer Robb Munger who said the historical marker was taken down so it could be redone as it was in bad condition.

Vandals damage important piece of Shawnee history, leaving community livid
October 21st 2017 2:37AM

“This is the historical marker, denoting where the star blacksmith shop was historically. It was a blacksmith shop we think was built in the late 1850's, ...