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More Than a Century of Service You're standing before water pumping history— DC Water's Main Pumping Station. This beautiful and distinctive building was built in 1905 in the Beaux Arts style, like Union Station and the Corcoran Gallery of…
Recycling Rain Rain is good for rivers, right? Not always. When heavy rains overwhelm storm drains, rainwater mixes with sewage, and the heavily polluted result—called Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)—winds up in Rock Creek,, the Potom…
Park It Here The great outdoors is getting even better thanks to the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative. Existing parks have been cleaned up and improved, and new parks have been added to give residents and visitors a buffet of recreational choices.…
Uniting a City by Revitalizing a River For thousands of years, rivers have been the engines that fueled the world's greatest cities. But for decades, Washington's Anacostia River had been a symbol of pollution and division. Then in 2000, an unpre…
[Image caption:] 2005 An Anacostia River That's Clean Doesn't Have to be a Dream When litter's on the ground, and the rain falls down, it ends up in the Anacostia River. So when you take your last drag, or you just have a bag, please do you…
This mural celebrates the return of the indigenous plants and wildlife to their native habitats in the Anacostia watershed. Designed and created by a group of students in the Corcoran Gallery of Art's ArtReach program. It was installed in the summ…
Concrete Structures Constructed: 1918-1919 Wooden Roof & Trusses Constructed: 1953 Renovation of Historic Building Completed: 2013
Mildred Belle is an authentic Chesapeake Bay "buy boat" operated by Living Classrooms Foundation. Buy boats are an important part of. the Bay economy. They serve as "middlemen" on the bay, purchasing fish, crabs, and oysters directly from the fi…
Compassionate Jesuit, gifted scholar generous friend, loyal alumnus (c' 56) distinguished 47th President of Georgetown University given by friends in loving honor
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
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