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On April 3, 1860 the eastern Pony Express mail arrived by train and it was late. To save time the Pony Express Company which was located in the Patee House at 12th and Penn Streets had the mail taken directly to the post office. The post office was closer t…
This monument erected by theDaughters of the American RevolutionandThe City of St. Josephmarks the place where the firstPony Express started on April 3, 1860
A little over a quarter of a mile to the southwest was a Pony Express Station called Troy. This was due to its close proximity to the town of Troy, Kansas. It was owned and operated by Henry Thompson and had 16 rooms and a tavern. To save money the Pony Exp…
On April 3, 1860, the Pony Express started from this neighborhood on its historic run to the West. Eight months after the Pony Express joined East and West, the country split North to South when South Carolina seceded. Missouri, including St. Joseph, was as…
In 1859, A.G. Barrett built the "Barrett Hotel." It was located here on the corner of Eighth and Broadway. He built it of native lumber made at his sawmill on the Black Vermillion River. This was one of the largest hotels on the Overland Route between th…
[Relief of Pony Express Rider]
This barn, a Pony Express Station of 1860-61, stands on the original site. Here courageous Pony Express Riders changed mounts as they carried the Overland Mail through 1966 miles of territory, now eight states. Russell, Majors, WaddellFounders, Owners, O…
120 celebrated riders rode 650,000 miles with only one rider killed by Indians, one schedule not completed and one mail lost.Russell · Majors · WaddellFounders · Owners · Operators
Dedicated July 1, 2000Du Roc HouseAdded StationJuly 1, 1861 - Nov. 20, 1861byPW PipeJames StreteskyNorman & Ann RootCounty of El DoradoAmerican Suzuki Motor CorporationPony Express Trail AssociationSponsors are listed at the bottom of the base. [Rear Sid…
The Pony Express operated for only eighteen months, from April 1860 until October, 1861, delivering mail between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It ceased operating when the transcontinental telegraph line was completed. During its brief ex…
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