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The first known explorer of Diamond Valley was Colonel John C. Fremont, who mapped the area to aid western migration in 1845. Before Fremont, tribes of Shoshone and Paiute Indians long had gathered nature's bounty here. Colonel J.H. Simpson mapped a rou…
Site of the town of Jacobsville is one-half mile north. Founded on the banks of the Reese River in 1859 by George Washington Jacobs who was the first sheriff of Lander County, farmer and businessman, it was the Overland Stage and Mail station and became a P…
One hundred and fifty years ago, the Pony Express was founded by W. H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B. Waddell, operators of the Overland Stage Line of Leavenworth, Kansas. During a visit to Washington, Mr. Russell was urged by California Senator W…
Dayton was an important point on the Pony Express route. The site of the old station is approximately 200 yards northwest near the old firehouse.
This, San Francisco's first fireproof building erected in 1853 by Henry Wager Helleck, was the headquarters for many outstanding lawyers, financiers, writers, actors and artists. James King of William, editor of the Bulletin, died here after being shot by J…
80 rods S.W.
We spanned the prairie to Guittard's Station, on the far side of a shady, well-wooded creek, the Vermillion... For dinner...the ham and eggs, and hot rolls and coffee were fresh and good, and although drought had killed the salad, we had abundance of peache…
Seal of the National Pony Express Centennial Association Chimney Rock Station on the route of the Pony Express, was located near here between Chimney Rock and the North Platte River. This was an important Pony Express stop between stations at Court Hou…
- Site of - Ficklin Springs Pony Express Station and Old Coad Ranch North 20ยบ East 450 feet
Text is found on both sides of this marker Dedicated October 5, 2013 Scott's Bluff Original Station Apr. 3, 1860 - Nov. 20. 1861 by James Stretesky Joseph L. Schroeder Panhandle Monument Gordy & Linda Wilkins Pony Express Trail…
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