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Sons of the American Revolution

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This memorial marks the site of Fort Washington, constructed by the Continental troops in the summer of 1776. Repossessed by the Americans upon their triumphal entry into the City of New York November 25, 1783. Erected through the generosity of James Gor…
"There went with him a band of men whose hearts God had touched." 1. Samuel 10:26.—————This tablet placed here byThe New Jersey Society of theSons of the American Revolutionon its twenty-fifth anniversarycommemorating the factt…
Born, July, 1740. Marinus Willett. Died, Aug. 1830.Officer of New York Militia 1775-78.Sheriff of New York, 1784-92.Mayor of New York 1807-08.President of Electoral College, 1824.To commemorate the gallant and patriotic act of Marinus Willett in here seizin…
This tablet marks the site of the First Court House and Prison Built in 1774In the prison yard around which was a high stone wall were The Pillory and Whipping Post used in those days for the punishment of criminals Prior to the erection of this court ho…
Near this spot in 1755-1756Michel de Chartier de Lotbini?reengineer of Fort Carillon, bridged this stream and harnessed this waterpower for the first time. Sawmills, storehouses and barracks were located here, being within the Seignory of Alainville granted…
Born in Maryland, Cooper served in the South Carolina Militia during the American Revolution and participated in battles at Brandywine, Germantown and Stony Point. After the War he moved to Putnam County, Georgia and later to Muscogee County where he had dr…
At this sitePaul Reverelanded on the night ofApril 18, 1775to begin his midnight ride Dedicated byThe Massachusetts SocietySons of the American RevolutionApril 1999
Patriot, Son of Liberty,and first messenger sent byWarren from Boston to Lexingtonon the night of April 18-19 1775to warn Hancock and Adamsof the coming of the British troops.Born April 6 1745Died February 25 1799 Placed by theMassachusetts SocietySons o…
Here lies buriedSamuel AdamsSigner of the Declaration of Independence,Governor of this Commonwealth,A leader of men and an ardent PatriotBorn 1722 ... Died 1803 Massachusetts Society - Sons of the Revolution1898
Here lies buriedJames OtisOrator and Patriot of the RevolutionFamous for his argumentagainst Writs of AssistanceBorn 1725 - Died 1783 Massachusetts Society - Sons of the Revolution1808
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