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Sons of the American Revolution

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Dedicated to the memory of the gallant band of Patriots led by Colonel Ethan Allen who on the 10th of May, 1775 captured this important fortress and secured for the Americans a valuable base of operations on Lakes George and Champlain. Erected by the Son…
To the memory of the men of Rutgers CollegeWho fought for the cause of independence in the American Revolution This tablet is placed by theNew Jersey Societyof the Sons of the American Revolutionon the 150th anniversary (November 10, 1916)of the founding…
To commemoratethe services ofBrig.-Gen. Abraham Ten Broeckand theAlbany County Militiain theBattle of October 7, 1777 This monumentis erected byPhilip Livingston ChapterSons of the Revolutionin the State of New York1917
During the American Revolution four heavily-armed row galleys were constructed in Savannah for the Georgia Navy, all underwritten by the Continental Congress. In nearby Frederica River, beginning at dawn on April 19, 1778, Georgia galleys Lee, Washington, a…
On this line at theSiege of Yorktownon October 14, 1781, at nightthe Battalions ofGimat, Hamilton and Laurensof the Light Infantry Division ofMajor-General Marquis de Lafayette, under the command ofLieutenant-Colonel Alexander Hamiltonwith unloaded muskets …
In Memory ofDavid KennisonThe Last Survivor of the"Boston Tea Party"who died in Chicago, February 24, 1852, aged 115 yrs, 3 mos, 17 da, and is buried near this spot. This stone is erected by the Sons of the Revolution, the Sons of the American Revolution, a…
James Powlis, whose Oneida name Tewakatelyλ?thale! means "I'm Worried", was born around 1750, probably in New York State. In 1777, after the disintegration of the Iroquois Confederacy's neutrality, Congress sought to offset the allegiance of four of th…
This battle of the Revolution tookplace on William Blackstock'splantation, 3 miles N. on the southside of the Tyger River, November 20,1780. Gen. Thomas Sumtercommanded the American patriots whorepulsed Lt. Col. BanastreTarleton's British forces. Sumterwas …
To commemorate the Battle of Harlem Heights, won by Washington's troops on this site, September 16, 1776.Erected by the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York.
Upon this site and across these heights stood the main line of defences thrown up by Washington's Army September 1776. It was held until Fort Washington fell on November 16th, when part of the fighting occurred at this point.
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