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Robert Carter Willis in 1779 deeded the lot to Alexander White (see marker Lot #38), one of the original Trustees of the Town of Bath. White was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the ablest lawyers in the United States and an outstanding le…
Harry Dorsey Gough, a wealthy Marylander from Perry Hall and a patron of Methodist Bishop Francis Asbury. Rev. Asbury visited and preached in the Gough house while in Bath. Gen. Horatio Gates was later a resident but never owned the lot. Capt. Joh…
Robert Throckmorton, Jr., of Berkeley County. The lot was purchased in 1858 by David Hunter Strother, who recorded much of the early history of Bath. Strother was an artist and writer who used the pen name "Porte Crayon". Lot #26: Conveyed by t…
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Lot #4 Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, a personal friend of George Washington. Jenifer was elected to the Continental Congress in 1778 and was one of three Maryland statesmen who signed the U.S. Constitution. He also o…
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, signer of the Declaration of Independence who outlived all the other 55 signers. One of the most illustrious men in Maryland history, he turned the first spadeful of dirt to begin the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on J…
Charles Yates of Spotsylvania County, Va. The Trustees declared it forfeited in 1796 and sold it to Andrew Buchannon. Lot #33: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Charles Yates, 1777.
Edward Lloyd, a Maryland official called "the Patriot" because of his eminent service during the Revolutionary period. He was one of two Marylanders in the Congress of the Confederation during 1783-1784. The owner of vast landholdings in Talbot Co…
John Ridout, Esq., of Annapolis, Md. James Smith owned it in 1779. Ridout was again the owner by 1798. Lot #32: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to John Ridout, 1777.
James Muir, a merchant from Alexandria, Va. A listing of lot owners in 1798 shows it belonging to James Mercer, a member of the Continental Congress, who owned lot #43. Lot #60: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to James Muir, 1777.
William Ramsey and James Stuart, both of Alexandria, Va. Ramsey was one of the trustees for the City of Alexandria and owned the first house built there after the sale of town lots in 1749. He married Ann McCarty Ball, a cousin of George Washingto…
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