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This monument is erected by the Society of the Sons of the Revolution of West Virginia to mark Prickett's Fort Built in 1774 on the land of Jacob Prickett
(side 1) Battle of Fayetteville (1862) On September 10, 1862, soldiers under the command of Confederate Gen. W.W. Loring attacked Union forces in Fayetteville under Col. Edward Siber, driving them out of the town towards Charleston, where figh…
" The Mountain State"- western part of the Commonwealth of Virginia until June 20, 1863. Settled by the Germans and Scotch-Irish. It became a line of defense between the English and French during the French and Indian war, 1754-1763. MONROE COU…
Rebel postal services were formed in early 1861 under John H. Reagan, with operations commencing June 1. In contested sections of western Virginia, control of the mail often changed hands as battle lines ebbed and flowed. Southern strongholds in a…
Here Mitchell Clay settled in 1775. Eight years later Indians killed two of his children and captured his son Ezekiel. Pursuers killed several of the Indians but the boy was taken into Ohio and burned at the stake.
"A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu The stone steps to your left are part of the Appalachian Trail - a 2,200-mile footpath from Georgia to Maine. Climb the steps to some of the most scenic views in Harpers Ferry. Walk …
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence (see marker Lot #24). Carroll was a "squatter" in Bath and built a house here before the town was laid out and before he owned the land. The Signer, who later served in the U…
Windel Freshour of Berkeley County. Lot #16: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Windel Freshour, August 25, 1777.
Frederick Duckwall, Jr. He sold it to George Dyche in 1794. After Dyche sold it to Samuel W. Barrett of Hampshire County, records show Duckwall owning it again by 1798. Lot #6: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Frederick Duckwall,…
Samuel Hughes of Maryland. It was later purchased by Capt. John Swann, owner of adjoining Lot #35. Lot #34: Conveyed by the Trustees of the Town of Bath to Samuel Hughes, 1777.
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