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Dr. Jesse Bennett. Grave and home (½ mile west) of Dr. Jesse Bennett, whose Caesarean operation on his wife, 1794, was the first in America. Bennett, colonel of Virginia Militia, 1804-1814, refused to aid Blennerhassett and Burr in their ambi…
Destruction of Saltpeter Works. A key component of gun powder,the saltpeter mined near Franklin was of great importance to the South during the Civil War. On August 19, 1863, during his raid of Pendleton and surrounding counties, Union Gen. Willia…
Born May 6, 1821, Whaley served as a Union recruiter and colonel in the 9th WV Volunteer Infantry. He was captured November 10, 1861, in Guyandotte during the battle there but escaped. First elected to the U.S. Congress in 1861, in 1863 he became …
In Point Pleasant Cemetery are graves of John Roush and John Roseberry, Revolutionary War soldiers, Major Andres Waggener, hero of Craney Island in the War of 1812, and others who were prominent in early history.
Near here stood the blockhouse built by Captain Isaac Robinson in 1794. Indians attacked the fort soon after its erection but the little garrison drove them away. Robinson spent 12 years as an Indian captive and was a noted border scout.
Born 1805 in Ireland but moved to Mason County as a child. He served as sheriff and in both houses of Virginia legislature. Delegate to the first Wheeling convention, he was elected president of the first constitutional convention, serving 1861-62…
Michael Coleman, member of a hunting party from frontier fort at Belleville, was killed and scalped by the Indians at this point about 1793. Near by at Mill Creek Falls, Benjamin Wright build an early power flour mill.
Educator and historian born near West Columbia, July 6, 1848; died in Mason City, December 5, 1912; was buried in Point Pleasant. He founded the Southern Historical Magazine in 1892; was State Superintendent of Schools, 1893-97; first State …
On November 3, 1897, John Morgan murdered Chloe Greene and two of her three children, James Greene and Matilda Pfost. Daughter Alice Pfost managed to escape despite being wounded during the attack. G.W. Shamblen captured Morgan who was trie…
Westward lies the Millwood Tract of 4,395 acres patented by George Washington on December 15, 1772, based on a survey made in June 1771. It bordered on the Ohio River above the Great Bend for "file miles and 700 poles."
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