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Scott's Run Veterans Memorial ( left panel ) The Purseglove Community Honor Roll The following names were listed on the original program of the honor roll dedication of Sept. 16, 1945 ( 325 names are listed ) ( right panel ) The Sc…
John F. Kennedy Memorial Park A Father's Love It was here in Star City that John F. Kennedy announced his intention to enter the West Virginia primary as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. This decision was motivated by deep co…
Honor Roll Star City, W.Va. In Honor Of Those Who Have Served and Are Serving In the Armed Forces of the United States of America World War II Anderson, Ralph R. · Anderson, David C. · Audia, Frank A. · Audia, Lou…
WV Star City In Honor Of All Star City Veterans Past Present Future Dedicated May 30, 2011
Founded by the Legislature on February 7, 1867, as the Agricultural College of West Virginia under terms of the Federal Land-Grant Act of 1862. On December 4, 1868, the name was changed to West Virginia University.
In November 1863, David S. Creigh, a well-known southern sympathizer, found a Union soldier ransacking his home and harassing his wife. In the ensuing fight, Creigh killed the man, then hid the body. Later arrested, Creigh was tried and, on June 1…
Can you imagine a bustling community here made up of hundreds of people, all with livelihoods centered around this old stone furnace? The Henry Clay Iron Furnace was the fiery heart fueling this small community, and reminds us of our historic conn…
From 1933-1942, the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) helped lift America out of the Great Depression through hard work and ingenuity. They helped develop and restore our recreation areas and natural resources for the benefit of us…
Established in 1927 by act of the Legislature to provide additional facilities for sufferers from tuberculosis. Opened to the public in 1930. Capacity increased, 1938. Early treatment of the disease is emphasized. Altitude 2350 feet.
The ancient fortification in a bend of Beaver Creek was first surveyed by Alfred Beckley in 1837. Isaac Craig mapped it a year later and estimated then~fallen stone walls were 7 feet thick and 6 feet high. The walls of large enclosure, with design…
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