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—First Presbyterian missionary to serve western Washington, 1854. Started 15 churches including the first Presbyterian church of Seattle. —President of University of Washington, 1865-66 & 1874-76. —Founded Sumner Academy, 1…
In Memory of the United Confederate Veterans 1861 - 1865
Built in 1894 as The Baily Building Is part of the Pioneer Square Historic District which was entered in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
October 16, 1805 William Clark recorded in his journal that on this date: "After getting safely over the rapid and having taken diner set out and proceeded on seven miles to the junction of this river and the Columbia which joins from the N.…
1805 William Clark recorded in his journal that on this date: "I can observe at a distance... a high ridge of thinly timbered countrey the water of thesouth fork is greenish blue, the north as clear as crystial." Clark's 'sou…
November 18, Monday 1805 William Clark recorded in his journal that on this date: "I set out with 10 men and my man York to the ocian by land.... (later in the day) ... I found Capt. Lewis name on a tree. I also engraved my name.... I crossed…
Under the Provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, This Property Possesses Exceptional Value in Illustrating American History and Culture Entered in the National Register of Historic Places August 18, 1980 by the U.…
In Honor of Dr. Barney B. Clark 1921 - 1983 Medical Pioneer First Recipient Artificial Heart He gave of Himself For Others
This Excellent Example of Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture was Built as the City Expanded Northward to Meet the Needs of the Alaskan Gold Rush. It, also was Long in Use as a Workingmen's Hotel, and Has Been Converted to Apartment Housing…
This is Another of Umbrecht's Elegant Designs, and an Enlargement and Remodeling of an Earlier Hotel. It is Perhaps the Most Elegant, with it's Rich Window casings, Cornices, and restored to Accomodate (sic) ApartmentLiving.
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