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In memory of General Robert E. Lee and in commemoration of General "Stonewall" Jackson's march with his 17,000 famous foot cavalry across Massannutten Mountain to the Battles of Front Royal and Winchester, May 21, 1862. This tablet erected May …
On this site, May 18, 1864, 17 year old V.M.I. Cadet T.G. Jefferson, great-nephew of the President, died of the wound he received fighting for the Confederacy with the Corps of Cadets during the Battle of New Market.
Historic Structure Built in 1913 Lucketts Virginia Lucketts School Has Been Placed on the National Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior 1993
African Americans purchased land about a quarter mile southwest of here in 1879 to establish Mt. Olive Cemetery. The property adjoins a potter's field thought to be a burial place for victims of the yellow fever epidemic of 1855. Later, Mt. Calvar…
Pauline C. Morton, civic leader, graduated from what is now Virginia State University in 1933. She began working for the Virginia Department of Education in 1947, during the segregation era. Before retiring in 1974, she supervised home economics e…
(preface) After Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's stunning victory at Chancellorsville in May 1863, he led the Army of Northern Virginia west to the Shenandoah Valley, then north through central Maryland and across the Mason-Dixon Line into Pennsy…
After the Second Battle of Manassas, August 28-30, 1862, the Middleburg Baptist Church (to your right) served as a hospital for wounded Confederate Soldiers. Some of those who died there are buried in Sharon Cemetery, in front of you, the final re…
Opened August 22 , 1913 Is Registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark And Placed on the National Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department Of the Interior On November 12, 1969
For Those Who Served Our Country And Community
On October 15, 1907, veterans of the 128th New York Regiment met on the Cedar Creek battlefield to dedicate the monument to their unit. These men, along with the rest of the 19th Corps, had borne the brunt of the Confederate attack against their p…
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