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The Flores de Abrego family came to the New World from northern Spain before the time of the American Revolution. During the 18th century, members of this family brought their cattle northward and established ranches along the San Antonio River. …
A captain in thearmy of the Republic of Texas1836A captain in theSomervell Expedition1842Representative and Senatorin the Texas LegislatureBrigadier Generalof Hood's Brigade C. S. A.
To protect Texas against Federal invasion during the Civil War, Confederate General John B. Magruder ordered the construction of a fort on September 4, 1863, four days before the famous Confederate victory won by Dick Dowling and his small company…
Founding officer, Co. D, Texas Rangers. Had uncles, brother, sons in Rangers and Border Patrol. Wilson County deputy sheriff, 1896-1900; sheriff, 1902-1917. While in office reared his family in the jailer's quarters. Always was armed. A st…
Organized in 1839. Here Sam Houston was converted and baptised in Rocky Creek in 1854. The present building was erected in 1872
As tension mounted between the United States and Spain during the late 1890s, U. S. Representative Samuel Bronson Cooper of Texas recommended the War Department begin plans for the defense of the strategic Sabine Pass area. The Army Corps of Engin…
Public Square built in 1887 Listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
This church has historic ties to Independence Baptist church. In 1871, following Emancipation, former slaves established their own congregation, naming it in honor of their new freedom. The church, which began with 150 members, held services in a …
The natural coastal cut of Sabine Pass has long been an important military strategic point, as evidenced by the battle that took place here during the Civil War. It was no less significant in World War II, when it became one of the primary points …
Polish immigrant Joseph Cotulla (1844-1923) migrated to present-day La Salle County in 1865. The town of Cotulla, founded in 1882, became the county seat in 1883, and Joseph donated land for the courthouse and city park. In its early years the par…
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