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To the Memory of Thomas Johnston Grier Born at Pakenham, Ontario, Canada, May 18th, 1850 Died at Los Angeles, California, September 22nd, 1914 Superintendent Homestake Properties 1884 to 1914
Watertown was platted by the Winona & St. Peter Railroad. The uptown district, consisting of six square blocks, was divided into narrow lots intended mostly for commercial use running parallel to the railroad tracks. Important noncommercial buildi…
Historic Site Saloon Number 10 where Wild Bill was shot August 2, 1876
James Butler Hickok Gunfighter, Peace Officer, Gambler Born: May 27, 1837, Troy Grove, Illinois Died: August 2, 1876, Deadwood, Dakota Territory Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while playing cards in a Deadwood saloon. He is buried in …
At this point freight from steamships coming up the Missouri River were unloaded onto ox drawn wagons for 200 miles round trip to Deadwood took 30 days. This famous old trail 1876-1887 Northwestern Railway operated what they called the Bull Tra…
Lead's Episcopal congregation selected a site for a new church in July of 1896 and work was begun immediately. The Lead Call noted, "A more central and easily accessible location could not have been decided upon and when finished, Christ's Episcop…
Although the Chinatowns of New York, San Francisco and Chicago are more well-known, these ethnic enclaves weren't exclusive to America's urban centers. There were many Chinatowns in Western boomtowns, including one right here on Deadwood's Lower M…
Dedicated to the memory of Horace N. Ross Discoverer of Gold in the Black Hills at Custer, So. Dak. July 27th, 1874
This building is listed on the National Register as the oldest commercial hand-hewn log building in continuous use in South Dakota. Built in 1885 by the German immigrant Camillo Von Woehrman as a saloon and sleeping quarters; in 1890 he began pu…
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
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