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First Mass celebrated May 20, 1877 by Father John Lonergan 1st church building erected on Williams St. This present building erected 1936
After gold was discovered in Deadwood Gulch in 1875, commercial buildings were quickly erected on the flat land along Main Street, leaving the hillsides above as the only area for residential development. The first houses in Deadwood were built on…
When the last Glaciers receded from the Northern Great Plains 10,000 years ago, they left behind shallow depressions called "potholes." Some of these prairie potholes hold water temporarily, while others hold water year-round. These wetlands nurtu…
Disappearing Waterfowl Habits The prairies of the Great Plain once stretched from horizon to horizon-a rolling, grass-covered landscape filled, spring through fall with millions of birds. Starting in the 19th century, this habitat began disapp…
We RememberThose WhoServed
A one-room 14'x20' wooden building on the east side of Coteau Street served as Pierre's first schoolhouse. Eighteen students attended in 1881, closing when the public school opened in October of that same year. The little building was moved to v…
This Memorial is Dedicated to the Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who Served and Performed Their Patriotic Duty in Defense of Our Country and Freedom. Let us Always Remember Them for Their Dedication, Courage, and Sacrifice.
Honoring the People ofthe Eureka Area.Greatest Primary Wheat Market in the World 1887-1902 Eureka, S.D. 1887-1987
Born in Dane County, Wisconsin, October 20th, 1857, he graduated from Galesville College and in 1882 from the Law School of the University of Wisconsin and came to Leola, McPherson County, Dakota. He was elected Register of Deeds and County Clerk …
This memorial dedicated to the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942 Made possible by a grant from "Sarge" Melvin B. Hermanson 2008
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