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"A Tour on the Prairies" by the great writer, Irving, describes his tour on horseback in Oklahoma with the U.S. Rangers from Fort Gibson. Irving camped on the creek near here, Oct. 12, 1832. Marker sponsored by the Tulsa County Historica…
Washington Irving was one of America's greatest writers and is considered the "Father of the American Short Story." He is best known for THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, in which Ichabod Crane meets the neadless horseman, and RIP VAN WINKLE,…
Captain David Payne and his Boomers defied federal authorities to attempt settlement in the Unassigned Lands. From the 1830s onward, most of present-day Oklahoma was reserved for Native Americans who had been forcibly relocated from their ances…
Milly Francis was the daughter of the Creek chief Hillis Hadjo during the Florida War 1817. Fifteen-year-old Milly by her plea saved the life of a young white officer Duncan McKrimmon, whom they were about to kill. She later declined his offer of …
California Road, crossed here. First traveled by gold seekers in Rush for California spring 1849, under military escort commanded by Captain R.B. Marcy, west from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Antelope Hills, 8 miles northwest, once landmark for internati…
Henry, Frederick F, Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor; The Asistic Pacific Ribbon with two bronze stars; The Philippines Liberation Ribbon with bronze star; the Bronze Star Medal with an oak leaf cluster.
1921 Tulsa Race Riot Survivor
Btry B 171st FA BN World War II Btry C 160th FA BN Korean War Haskell, Oklahoma
Dedicated to the men and women of Haskell who served their country with honor In Memoriam 1917 - 1918 Toll Donaghe 1941 - 1945 Raymond Harmon · Lee Elliott, Jr. Tommie Riddle · Arthur Miller Joe S. Ferguson · …
Toll Donaghe · WW I · 1918 Lee Elliott · WW II · 1943 Donaghe - Elliott Post 56 Haskell Oklahoma Chartered 1934 Honoring All American Veterans In times of trouble and of war God and the Soldier we all…
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