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First successful automobile built here by John W. Lambert in 1891 Built at this site.
First successful automobile built here by John W. Lambert in 1891. Site of the first automobile wreck.
William Morris House William Morris married his second wife, Patsy Hillian, on October 5, 1831. The couple had a son in 1835 when Morris was 74 years old. William Morris, a Revolutionary War veteran, came to Montgomery County in 1806, He …
Leatherlips, the Dublin Arts Council's first outdoor public sculpture, was dedicated to the City of Dublin on July 1, 1990. Designed by artist Ralph Helmick, Leatherlips is an eleven foot high limestone portrait of the legendary Wyandot Chief. …
Birthplace of James M. Cox 1870-1957 Member of Congress: 1909-13 Governor of Ohio: 1913-15, 1917-19, 1919-21 Democratic Nominee for President of The United States: 1920
Woodbourne Cemetery In 1823, Richard Wheatley elected to bury his son, Richard, in Lot 16 of the industrial town of Woodbourne, thereby establishing a town burial ground. Others were buried there before the Christian church was built on Lot 11 …
Village of Woodbourne Settled in 1797 The settlement, just west of this point, was once considered for the county seat. Industry flourished circa 1816-1832. Erected in 1971 by the Centerville Historical Society
P-47 Thunderbolt Alexander Kartveli, Designer The Thunderbolt was the largest, heaviest, single-seat fighter built during World War II: a rugged, dependable,and heavily armed fighting machine, whose accomplishments advanced the ultimate vict…
The Belly Tank This Nissen Hut is one of the British temporary structures that served the Allied Forces in England in WWII for housing, administrative and work shops. It was erected by the Royal Air Force near Saffron Walden, Essex, England on …
American Air Forces in England, WWII American airpower based in England in WWII included the Eighth Air Force, providing strategic airpower with bombers and fighters, and the Ninth Air Force, performing tactical ground-attack and support missio…
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