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This imposing public structure, the former United States Post Office and Courthouse, represents the first federal office building constructed in the State of Nevada. Construction began in late 1888 and was completed in 1891 at a cost of $138, 605…
Carson City, Nevada, was one of the stations along the historic but hazardous 1966 mile Pony Express route between Sacramento Cal. and St. Joseph, Mo. This monument is dedicated July 20, 1960 in memory of the Pony Express, during the epic July…
At 4:00 Am September 28, 1926, Fire Broke Out At The Jack Smith Ranch, At The Base Of Clear Creek Canyon.winds, Reversed Itself And Came Down Ings Canyon. It Reversed Itself Again And Raced Up Kings Canyon Once More, Trapping 5 Firefighters Near T…
Here stood the first grist mill in Carson Valley built in Mill Canyon Genoa in 1854 by wheelwright Thomas Knott for Colonel John Reese. It was moved to this site by William M. Cary in 1865. Behind the mill stood a dwelling house, which served a…
"We soon entered the lower end of Carson Valley. The steep mountains on our right, are thickly covered with pines... on the east side of the valley, the mountains present no green thing; all is naked and dreary." - Franklin Langworthy, Oct. 9, 1850
"At the... foot of the mountains, the Mormons... have established a trading post.... Passing on from this place, as fast as we could,... to save what money we had, we continued up Carson Valley" - Edward Patterson, Jul 11, 1850
"We passed around a barren portion of the mountain, where there gushed from the base... almost a thousand springs of hot water in half a mile,... The springs form a hot water lake all along their course." - William R. Rothwell, Aug 18, 1850
"The trail, on leaving camp, entered a strip of upland, covered with wild sage and brush and through which run several mountain streams of much beauty." - Silas Newcomb, Aug 28, 1850
Carson Valley is the birthplace of Nevada. By 1851, people settled at a place they called Mormon Station, renamed Genoa in 1856. With the early establishment of a post office and local government, the community can lay claim to the title of "Nevad…
Built 1862-1869 Veered to West Fifth Street
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