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By Foot and Horseback, Stagecoach and Car. . Generations of visitors have followed this trail . According to local historians, Native Americans once traveled a path through the area to hunt and fish. . . During the nineteenth century, writers…
How Sabbaday Falls Got Its Name. . The legend of Sabbaday Falls . Legend has it that one Saturday night, with winter rapidly approaching, workmen building a road from Albany Intervale to Waterville decided it was time to call it quits. They hid …
The Currier Museum of Art originally opened in 1929, in a building designed by Edward Tilton of the New York architectural firm Tilton and Githens. Major expansions to the 1929 building were added to the north of the original building in 1982 (des…
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
[Notre Dame Bridge relief] ————————————— [Markers formerly on the bridge] Notre Dame Bridge Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Project - No. N.H. …
Valley Cemetery Founded 1841 listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 2004 Erected by Mrs Currier In memory of her husband Governor Moody Currier 1907
Established in 1841 Designed in the Rural Cemetery style Built on land deeded to the City of Manchester by the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. Resting place of Manchester laborers, civic leaders, industrialists and children. Listed on the N…
The founder of the "Elliot Hospital," Born May 22, 1823. Died Mar. 20, 1880
In abiding memory of Christos Kalivas who was the first Greek American to sacrifice his life for our country in World War I This memorial made possible through the untiring efforts of Chris J. Agrafiotis · General Chairman…
She stands here, for thousands of 19th century working women: Industrial revolutionaries who broke with the past to earn their living, making history and creating the future. In 1880 one third of Manchester's population, 3385 women, worked…
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