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In 1831, Richard Featherston, a teacher, built a single story structure here and opened Vicksburg's first school. Dr. Alex Magruder expanded the house to two stories in 1850 and used the original as a clinic where he treated victims of th…
In 1931 Hester Flowers started the Vicksburg Garden Club in this three-story Tudor house. Built in 1906 by her father William Clark Craig., the house was designed by New York architect W.W. Knowles. In 1928, Craig deeded the house to his daughter.…
Replacing an earlier school on Cherry Street, Magnolia High School was built here in 1923. J.G.H. Bowman was the schools principal from 1906 to 1944 and helped develop a strong college preparatory curriculum. In 1940, the school was se…
Built in 1924 in the tutor Gothic style, Carr Central High School was designed by architect William A. Stanton. This building once housed the administrative offices of the school district and kindergarten, elementary, and junior high school classe…
Built ca. 1835, this Greek Revival house is one of the oldest in Hinds Co. U.S. Grant passed by enroute to Civil War siege of V'burg, 1863. This structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Est. 1897 as Christ's Holiness School; moved to this site in 1907. Chartered as Christ Missionary & Industrial College in 1908. Teaches religious, academic, and vocational curriculum for grades 1-12+.
A gift of R.V. Powers in 1917 enabled the Mississippi Children's Home Society, est. 1912, to build on this site "The Kate McWillie Powers Memorial", a home for children in the care of the Society. In 1997, the Society dedicated this campus as a me…
Built ca. 1853 for James H. Boyd, Mayor of Jackson, 1842, 1844, 1850, and 1858. One of the few homes to survive the Civil War, the Greek Revival house is listed on National Register of Historic Places.
History of the GM&O Depot Known at the date of its closing as the GM&O Depot, this passenger depot was constructed in 1927 by the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad (NOGN) and later served the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad (GM&N) as well as …
The Abandoned Mound (designated "Mound A") remains a mystery. Numerous French colonial narratives describe the other two mounds at the Grand Village but fail to mention this mound. The Natchez Indians apparently stopped using this mound …
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