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The John I. Smith Relay Station was 172 ½ miles from the Tipton Terminus and stood in northeast Barry County, about 7 miles west of Crane.
Salem, an Ozark plateau town, 1,180 feet above sea level, was laid out, 1851, as the seat of newly organized Dent County. The town was named by early settler David R. Henderson for Salem, North Carolina, and the county name honors local pioneer an…
First college owned by St. Louis Conference of the Methodist Church south
Bellevue Valley lies between Ozark spurs. Buford Mountain on east, second highest in Missouri, named for William Buford. Came from Virginia in 1810. Name carried on in valley.      First people mound-builders, then Indians. French named Bell…
In Memory of the Men and Women from Webster County who died in the military service of their country during World War I and II, Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. This memorial was erected by patriotic citizens and veterans of Webster County. 1972…
Webster County, organized March 3, 1855, encompasses 590 sq. miles of the highest extensive upland area of Missouri's Ozarks. The judicial seat, Marshfield, lies 1490 feet above sea level, highest county seat in Mo. Pioneer legislator John F. McMa…
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Not open to the public
Hand dug well serving Marshfield on the square from late 1860's to 1926. 42 ft. deep, solid rock at 11 ft. 20 ft. water. Uncovered and restored as historical site Oct. 1987 by Webster Co. Veterans Memorial Assn. and the Historical Society. This…
This scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope now orbiting earth is dedicated to Edwin Hubble a native of Marshfield Born November 20, 1889 Died September 28, 1953 Edwin Hubble was the 20th century's outstanding astronomer. In observatio…
Dedicated to Those Who Gave Their Lives in Defense of Liberty From Texas County Dedicated Nov. 11, 1987 World War I Agee, Lee F. · Arms, James W. · Bell, Ernest M. · Blankenship, Fred L. · Brown, Willie …
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