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After earlier attempts to build a railroad to Cape Girardeau failed, local attorney Louis Houck made an arrangement with creditors to bring a railroad into the city by midnight of January 1,1881. If he could do so, he would acquire clear title to …
An exciting incident occurred at the "Battle of Cape Girardeau" on April 23, 1863 when Confederate forces attacked from the west and south of town. During the battle several Confederate cannon balls pierced the roof of the residence of Alfred Lace…
This view of the Mississippi River is from Fort A, one of the four forts constructed by Union forces in the summer of 1861. These forts, which encircled Cape Girardeau, provided protection from attack from either land or water. Fort A was on the b…
Columbia, "Educational Center of Missouri", originated in the town of Smithton, laid out by the Smithton land Company, 1819. By 1821, when the name was changed, the town was the seat of Boone Co., organized 1820, and named for Daniel Boone who die…
occurring on August 8, 1862, five miles north of Stockton (now New Cambria) between Col. Joseph Porter's Confederates and Federal regiments under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Woolfolk was part of a wide-spread plan to surround and capture Porter …
A ferry built by Adam Lightner in 1821 may have carried William Becknell's first trade expedition to Santa Fe in that year.
McDonald County, 540 sq. miles of Ozark grandeur in Missouri's extreme southwest, was called Seneca when it was formed in 1847. Fully organized in 1849, it was named for Rev. War soldier Alexander McDonald.      Pineville, the county seat,…
Deep in the Missouri Ozarks, Christian County, organized 1859, was one of last 3 of the State's 114 counties to be formed. At the request of pioneer "Mrs. Thomas Neaves" it was named for her native Ky. county honoring Rev. War Col. Willi…
Smith Spring Water Station 1858 Butterfield Stage Line Overland Mail
The John C. Ashmore Relay Station in northwest Christian County stood in Polk Township, 152 ½ miles from the Tipton Terminus. It was the only station in the county.
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