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The piercing scream of a Bald Eagle mascot, "Old Abe," led the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry into 36 battles during the Civil War, against the Confederacy. The Battle of Fredericktown, October 21, 1861, was the first battle on the …
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
(side one) Early mining center, named for the famous South American silver mine, Potosi was established by Moses Austin as the seat of Washington County, organized, 1813. Austin came here, 1797, after receiving a 3 square mile Spanish land grant…
George Breckenridge - VA. James Bryan - VA. Miles Goforth - N.C. John Hawkins - N.C. Benjamin Harrison - VA. James Johnson- VA. Thomas Madden- VA. John Paul- VA. John Perry- PA. Daniel Phelps - CONN. Joseph Reyburn- VA. Comfort Ruggles …
First Trail West Started near this corner 1764 Marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Missouri 1913 Re-dedicated - 1970 - DAR
The Battle of Fort San Carlos was the westernmost battle of the American Revolution. On May 26, 1780, about 300 townspeople, including Spanish soldiers, French settlers, and enslaved and free African Americans rallied to defend St. Louis. In front…
Auctions were once a common site on the stately steps of the Old Courthouse in front of you. The court organized property sales when people went bankrupt or died without a will. Between 1839 and 1862, the court sold more than 500 enslaved men, wom…
The Alpha Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was chartered by its General Fraternity on March 5, 1868. Alpha Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is the oldest chapter of any collegiate fraternity or sorority in continuous existence west of the Missis…
Marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Missouri 1913
The Jackson County Sports Complex Authority was established in 1967 as a political subdivision of the State of Missouri to serve as the landlord between Jackson County and the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs. Construction began in th…
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