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Erected on the southeast corner of Lexington and Lynn Streets as a temporary home for Jackson County Government. This building has housed functions of the Jackson County Court as late as 1932 under Judge Harry S. Truman.
In 1895 John and Martha Truman bought this house, built about 1886. Harry S. Truman (1884 - 1972) spent his boyhood here. The family moved in 1902. Later additions have greatly altered the original appearance of the house.
Locomotive No. 112, Mogul Type, 2-6-0, was delivered by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, PA., Nov. 29, 1920, retired from service Dec. 29, 1962. During this period it ran 364,562 miles. Given to the City of Bevier, January 1, 1963 by J. E.…
This monument is dedicated to General Omar N. Bradley, born in Clark, Missouri, and in honor of all those who served and gave their lives for the cause of freedom throughout the world. Dedicated May 17, 2008
A violent encounter between Southern partisan cavalry and Union forces occurred in and near Centralia on September 27, 1864. /The Southern forces were irregular Confederate partisan rangers under the overall command of William "Bloody Bill" A…
(side 1) Moberly, the "Magic City," grew from the town platted by the North Missouri R.R. (Wabash) in 1866 to a transportation center with a 6,070 population by 1880. The North Mo. acquired the site when it took over the Chariton and Ra…
The President of the United States in the name of the Congress takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to Henry F. Frizzell. Rank: Private, Company B, 6th MO. Infantry. Place and date: Vicksburg, Miss., 22 May 1863. Entered service: Fort D…
At 5:41 P.M. on May 22, 2011, an EF-5 tornado ripped through Cunningham Park and the greater Joplin area, leaving a path of death and destruction one mile wide by six miles long in its wake. Over 160 people perished in the storm. What immediatel…
"It started just like any other, normal day. We heard the tornado sirens, but we didn't pay much attention to them since they always go off in bad weather. We have lived here since 1968 and had experienced the drills repeatedly. This one was…
As the tornado lifted, the stories began... stories of butterflies, butterfly people or angels that protected children from the storm. The stories were many and miraculous but very believable when set against the backdrop of the physical devastati…
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