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The Lock-Keepers. A long blast on a tin horn followed by the boatman's shout of "Hey-ey-ey! Lock! Aw, Lock!" summoned the lock-keeper to duty. Lock-keepers were hired to "attend constantly and diligently by day and night," during the nine month bo…
Swing-Gate Locks. Most canal locks were "swing-gate" locks, opened by pulling or pushing long balance beams that projected from the gates. . . Stone for the Seven Locks (locks 7 through 14) was cut and finished by stonemasons who were paid by t…
The device in front of you is the actual water pump used by Jefferson residents to draw water from the town well. During the 1800's and until 1960, residents obtained water from the well located in the center of town. The well offered tremendous c…
From December 17 to 20, 1861, Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson attempted to halt traffic on the canal by diverting the river around the Virginia abutment of Dam No. 5. Damage was slight and repairs were effected within two days.
The name McAuliffe on the officer''s badge honors a prominent former resident of the Village, Colonel James S. McAuliffe, Sr., who served as Montgomery County Chief of Police for 16 vears and was a police officer for 42 years. Col. McAuliffe was a…
Weight 8000 pounds, length 25 feet Participated in battle of Chateau-Thierry May 31, to June 3, 1918 Presented to Parkwood by United States Government July 1934
Weight 13000 pounds, length 25 feet Participated in Battle of Flanders 1917 Presented to Parkwood by United States Government July 1934
Highly effective undercover agent during WWII. Declared by gestapo the most dangerous Allied spy. Grew up at Box Horn Farm nearby. Hunting accident forced partial amputation of leg, barring her from a career in the U.S. Foreign Service. She played…
The Doswell Brooks House was built in 1928 in the Mount Wisener subdivision of Fairmount Heights; the third subdivision to be platted in the community. It was built for Doswell and Anita Brooks. The house is a small bungalow, representative of a d…
The Fairmount Heights Municipal Center was constructed as a fire hall; it later served as a health clinic, library, general meeting space and, most importantly, as the town hall. The lots on which it stood were purchased by the town between 1939 a…
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