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To the memory of our fallen comrades-who made the ultimate sacrifice... SFC Clifford J. Clemons Cpl Clellan H. Decker Sgt Forest Emery Pvt Roy Lucas, Jr. PFC Joseph P. Pierce Pvt Hartswell Stanton Sgt Vernelle T. Martin
In memory of the men of Grayson County who gave their lives for our freedom. Martin Alvoy, Verna Anderson, Edgar Baker, Oscar Boone, Malcolm Bozarth, Brooks, Andrew Cannon, Miles Dennison, Robert Downs, Willis Duggins, Herbert Givens, Ira Goff,…
Schnitzelburg Once part of Germantown, area's growth occurred after completion of 1891 Goss-Texas Ave. streetcar loop. Part of Alexander Spotswood 1000~acre land grant; region platted 1866 by D.H. Meriwether. Landmarks include Louisville Cotton M…
In memory of those from McLean County who gave the supreme sacrifice Honor roll World War I WorlD War II Korean War War on Terrorism - Iraq Vietnam War Other war zones
Well over 200 soldiers are known to have died of disease during Camp Calhoun's short existence. The number is probably higher but many records are missing or incomplete. "there health is so very bad" It was not long before illness and disea…
Saline, Eddy, and Varmint traces met at Big Spring (Princeton) and developed into today's roads. First forged by buffalo, later used by Indians and pioneers. A fork of Saline crossed Ohio River at Cave-in-Rock; another at Golconda, Ill. Eddy Trace…
Here on Nov. 18-20, 1861, delegates from 68 counties of Kentucky in convention, by the ancient right of self determination and revolution, set up a newly constituted State of Kentucky. Henry C. Burnett, Trigg, was President of the Convention. Robe…
Over 400 Confederate Soldiers and over 200 Union Soldiers from Marshall County served during the War Between the States. This cannon is dedicated in their memory.
Totalitarianism is a constant threat to our freedom. We would like to salute these men for giving the supreme sacrifice, that we may keep that freedom. 1961   Vietnam Conflict   1973 Dunigan, Jerry Wayne Gipson, Ronnie Lee Glisson, J…
Lyon was the son of Matthew Lyon. He represented Caldwell County in the Kentucky House of Representatives during 1822-24 when Lyon County was still a part of that county. As a Jacksonian he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives serving …
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