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Established 1862 following the battle of Apache Pass, largest conflict in Arizona Indian Wars. Massed Apaches under Cochise and Mancas Coloradas were routed by howitzers fired by California volunteers attacked in the pass. Fort Bowie overlooked on…
[Upper Plaque]:In grateful memoryRobert P. McCulloch, Sr.Whose purchase of London Bridgein 1968saved it for the enjoyment and useof prosterity[Lower Plaque]:October 10, 1981on this 150th AnniveraryLondon Bridgewas formally dedicated to thecitizens…
Trans-Canyon Telephone Line,built in 1935 by CCC workers,maintained by Mountain Bell,has been placed on theNational Register of Historic Placesby the United States Department of Interior.
Opened ByThe Right Honorable The Lord Mayor Of LondonAlderman Sir Peter Studd G.B.E.M.A.D.Sc.In The Presence OfThe Honorable Jack WilliamsGovernor Of ArizonaOctober 10, 1971Robert P. McCulloch Sr? ? ? ? ? C.V. Wood Jr.? ? ? ? ? Founder?? ? ? ? ? ?…
Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior, 1924-1936 whose life-time work culminated in construction of the Boulder Canyon project creating Lake Mead, named in his honor.
In Memory of our Fellowmen who lost their lives in the construction of this dam.
The United States of America will continue to remember that many who toiled here found their final rest while engaged in the building of this dam. The United States of America will continue to remember the services of all who labored to clothe …