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Wilson Dam and the TVA System From the very beginning, TVA knew how important Wilson Dam would be to their operations. In fact, the Wilson Dam area served as the headquarters for TVA's initial agricultural and chemical programs. Today, Wilson Dam…
First Jail in Wetumpka
April 8, 1938 On this day, the Coosa Rive Rose to this level at this location after heavy rainfall over the Coosa River Basin. For more information, contact: National Weather Service Birmingham, Alabama www.srh.noaa.gov.bmx Southeast Ri…
St. John's Episcopal Church, established and built in 1855, stood at the northwest corner of this block, its rectory adjacent. Between 1860 and 1870, the Church Home, an orphanage and school consisting of three buildings, was constructed. This was…
(side 1) First Muscle Shoals Canal 1836-1838 From the earliest attempts to navigate the Tennessee River, it was known that a formidable obstacle made the passage from one end to the other almost impossible. This barrier, caused by waterfalls,…
Dedicated to the memory and honor of all the men who served in the Confederate States Armies from Washington County For these were men Whom power could not corrupt Whom death could not terrify Whom defeat could not dishonor. R…
Dedicated to Washington County veterans and those who paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country {Reverse} Civil War World War I World War II Korea Vietnam Persian Gulf War
The Washington County Courthouse as it was built in 1908. It was razed in 1963. This memorial cornerstone was placed by the Washington County Historical Society and the Washington County Museum.
In 1799 the first public school in Alabama was built just north of this site at Boatyard Lake in the Tensaw Community. More than 90 small schools dotted Baldwin County in the early twentieth century This one room school was built in 1920 by Africa…
The American Revolution gave the United States its independence but the War of 1812 gave it status among the nations and established permanent peace with Great Britain. Alabama had a significant role during the War of 1812. The Creek Indian Wa…
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