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Site of Old Wells Fargo Building 1853 Dedicated to the Pioneers of California By Hydraulic Parlor No. 56 N.S.G.W. July 5, 1926
J.J. Ott's Assay in 1859 helped develop the great Comstock Lode and the State of Nevada.
Trinity Episcopal Church, founded as a parish in 1855, opened for divine service in this building on November 2, 1873. Previously on this site was "Caldwell's Upper Store", built in 1849 for the miners of Upper Deer Creek Dry Diggings, now known a…
Constructed of granite blocks from the Sierras about 1882 where Simon C. Hieronimus & family brewed and served lager beer to Nevada City Queen of the Northern Mines and hydraulic mining communities.
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad was dedicated May 20, 1876 one hundred feet east of this spot. Built by John Flint Kidder between 1874-76 it ran 22 miles from Nevada City to Colfax via Grass Valley. Rails taken up in 1942. Sara Kidder, wido…
Built about 1866 by Charles Marsh, who arrived here in July, 1849, in what would later become Nevada City. Marsh was the first county surveyor and the first county supervisor from Nevada City. He created the water distribution system which formed …
Four 28 ton standard gauge street cars ran from this spot five miles to Boston Ravine south of Grass Valley. Car barns and power plant located at Glenbrook mid-way. Line was victim of motor cars and busses.
Major commercial building since Gold Rush. Early offices of Judges, lawyers, statesmen including U.S. Senators A.A. Sargent, Wm. Morris Stewart, Calif. Supreme Court Chief Justices Niles Searls, Lorenzo Sawyer were here. Site of dramatic hall wher…
Third span of Deer Creek at this location. It is a replica of the single arch steel Gault Bridge (1908-1996) which replaced the suspension bridge (1862-1903) built by Andrew S. Hallidie, who later built the San Francisco Cable Car system.
Built in 1856 on the site of the U.S. Hotel, this brick edifice has served Nevada City as the Council Chamber, Schreiber's and since 1957 Eddie Furano's Bank Club. Here at Schreiber's Felix, the marvelous mysterious music box thundered Strauss wal…